What is the import process of the dates?

Our dates arrive from our farms to your door, in 6 steps

1. Handpicked during the latest harvest season (July – October)

2. Fumigation process, ensuring your dates are free from any insects

3. Cleaned and brushed at our warehouse

4. Stored in a cold room (-5 to 0 Celsius)

5. Packed for deliveries, in air tight pack

6. Sent to the UKĀ 

Do the dates arrive pitted? Or with the seeds included?

To preserve the quality of the dates, we do not meddle with them to remove the seeds

    Can the dates be stored in a fridge/freezer?
    • Yes, of course. All of our dates can be stored to prolong life in a fridge or freezer. Keep in mind that if they are stored for longer periods in cold storage, they will become slightly firmer. To soften them, keep them at room temperature for a day or two and give them a good shake with your hands.
    Is there a 'sunnah' method of eating dates?

    Based on our reading of the sunnah,

    Which dates come in the mixed pack?

    The mixed pack contains a combination of each type of date we sell, except the Sukkari Rutab fresh. We will try our best to ensure a fair distribution, although we cannot guarantee you will receive the exact same quantity of each date

      Can I make a custom mixed dates order?

      Yes, of course! Please contact us on thedatehut@gmail.com or on 07823757468 to place your order

      What is the returns policy?

      If the packaging has been left closed and the products have not been tampered with, we can accept returns within a 28 day period. Please contact us at thedatehut@gmail.com, or on 07823757468. You will be responsible for the cost of returning the package. Once we receive the product, and ensure it is resalable, we will be more than happy process a refund.

      Unfortunately, due to the nature of the dates, once the seal has been removed, they can never be re-sold. therefore, we are unable to accept returns, and process refunds.

      What are the delivery charges?

      Delivery is dependent on the size of your order. We tend to post out your order on the next working day, either with DHL, Hermes, or with Royal Mail

      Please allow up to 2-4 working days for delivery.

      If I live in Gloucester, can I pick up for free?

      Yes, of course. Please contact us, and we will provide a pick-up point. Please bring cash to pay for the products, or transfer the total amount due to our bank account before collection.

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